Our Classes


Dance is taught by Shannon and her lessons are always fun and exciting. An extremely hard-working young lady we are very lucky to have.

Shannnon loves to incorporate the Brightlights ethos by encouraging the students to have an input into their dances giving them the ability to think for themselves, share their ideas and get creative.

Shannon teaches contemporary dance and street dance in Brightlights and has just completed stunning choreography for Annie which sadly had to be postponed due to covid19.
We can’t wait to be able to show the community what Shannon and the students of Brightlights accomplished in rehearsals and can’t wait to bring their ideas to the stage.


Drama is taught by Shania-Grace. A fun loving, talented and committed young lady with a huge love of theatre.

Shania-Grace teaches in a very fun way where children will learn how to improvise, how to express themselves, build confidence on and off the stage and allow the children to explore their own ideas by writing and performing their own material.

Drama provides an environment where children can freely express their emotions and learn the necessary communication skills required on the stage and in every day life.

Early Years

Thea Steady is our early learning years specialist teacher.
We are very blessed to have Thea as our early learning years teacher guiding the youngest children to find their love of theatre through story - telling, music and dance.

In this class the children are gently encouraged to explore the world of theatre through their own eyes and interpretation. In this very nurturing environment the very young children are carefully guided and helped to find their own pace.

Thea is very popular with our Brightlings and she is a positive, perfect person in this role.

Our Fees

Fees are £6 per session and paid half termly in advance on receipt of the invoice.
Due to the pandemic any paid sessions not able to take place will be rolled over to the next term.
Themed performance days during holidays are £!5.
A non- refundable performance annual fee is £10 to be paid once rehearsals resume for each student.